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  •  I am AP Dhilllon and my story like all others has its share of happy, stressful & sad times across the years.

  • And the biggest learning I haveI understood is that we need to have balance. The answer to this specific balance always escaped me and i kept trying to find balance in the activities I chose. 



  • This to me is the balance that's needed, following which we will do the right thing at the right time. Else delayed work or collaboration is no work or no collaboration. 

  • As soon as we recognise the two systems and synchronise them to ask the right questions and frame situations better we get better results. 


  • Nobel Peace Prize winner Daniel Kanheman's book - Thinking Fast and Slow talks about balancing intuitive thinking with our rational thinking.

  • It goes on to talk about the fact that we have two thinking systems - System 1 - intuitive and System II which is rational and we need system 1 to slow down to be more rational and System II to speed up and be a bit faster!

  • We ensure what you invest in hiring us is earned back by you almost instantly and you have a 2X return.

  • If this doesn't happen we happily return your original investment in hiring us. 

  • If that sounds like a plan - explore our services and schedule a no obligatory first consult with us. 

  • We provide services under two main umbrella's of COACHING & CONSULTING.

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