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Who we are 

I am AP Dhilllon and my story like all others has its share of happy & ok times across the years.

The biggest learning I have is that we need to have BALANCE. The scientific answer to this specific balance always escaped me.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Daniel Kanheman's book - THINKING FAST & SLOW talks about balancing intuitive thinking with our rational thinking.

The book goes on to explain the the two thinking systems we have:

System 1 - intuitive and

System II - which is rational

DK says we need our intuitive system to slow down and the rational system to speed up and be a bit faster! Else we risk creating havoc in situations. 

This to me is the BALANCE that's needed in our minds for ensuring the best outcomes. 

APC uses these concepts and many others to ensure problems are correctly diagnosed and solved systematically. 

We ask the right questions and frame situations better to get you better results! Lets speak. 

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