APC builds bespoke training capsules and delivers them for students via their schools to enable their development at a faster rate.

We engage to inculcate & improve:  

- A non linear thought process

- Mindfulness & happiness 

- Learnability & Goal Setting

- Higher education & career options

- Planning skills & Mind maps


We do the above using existing frameworks, activities. Typically the introductory capsules are about 40 mins. And they are provided at no cost. 


Call APC to your school ! 


APC chooses students for its young leaders program basis a strict vetting process. Considerations are drive and ambition, aptitude, socio economic background etc. 

We take applications all year round and typically get back to your within a week of application. 

This program is build bespoke to the student concerned and allows them to incubate their firm with us at no cost, if they do decide to do business. 


We sponsor candidates from weaker socio economic backgrounds.  


APC conducts Independent business reviews to identify problems and solutions. Our team of Change Management professionals implement the recommended changes. 

From our experience we understand that besides the usual functional analysis we need to impact the below processes for higher performance: 

- Goal-setting workshops

- Training for mapping strategy and its implementation including monitoring.  

- Firm positioning in internal and external environments 

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